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Bluestar AC 1.5Ton FD318DNU 3 Star BI BO || FD318DNU

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The air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 1.5 tons. This indicates its ability to remove heat from a space.

Star Rating: 

The AC has a 3-star rating. Star ratings indicate the energy efficiency of the appliance, with a higher number of stars indicating better energy efficiency.

Copper Condenser: 

The air conditioner is equipped with a copper condenser. Copper condensers are known for their superior heat transfer properties and durability.


The AC comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty, which covers various components and services. Additionally, there is a 5-year warranty specifically for the compressor, which is the main component responsible for cooling.

Room Size: 

This AC is suitable for cooling rooms up to 170 square feet in size. It’s important to match the AC capacity with the room size to ensure effective cooling.

Power Consumption: 

The air conditioner consumes 1395 Watts of power while operating. This information helps estimate the electricity consumption and associated costs.


The refrigerant used in this AC is R32. R32 is an eco-friendly refrigerant with a lower global warming potential compared to older refrigerants like R22.

Self Diagnosis:

The air conditioner features a self-diagnosis function. This means that it can detect and display error codes or malfunctions, making it easier to troubleshoot and repair.

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